We understand that having the right product and being in a great location are critical elements to your success. Start Engraving offers a suite of marketing services—above and beyond what other companies that sell engraving machines provide.

These services include:

Consulting. From machine choices and supplies, to marketing, advertising and outreach, tap into our experience to help your business grow.

Turn-key product kits. Many of the engraving machines we offer can be ordered and configured with a variety of options and product sets. Tap into our marketing and point of sale experience, and we can help you turn a best-selling product into a headliner with large format graphics and display, marketing materials, sell sheets, and online marketing.

Point of Sale Displays. We have marketing materials and display items here for you to show them what you’ve got! From displays full of the products we offer to anything custom, we produce large format banners and signs, print from brochures to ads, hand-outs and business cards. We really have this covered!

Internet Marketing. Our parent company is a marketing firm. As we built this site, we realized that one of the most important–and cost effective–ways to tell people about your business is an modern website–and we make them. We have several simple solutions that will get you online, fast, clean and done–in as little as one week. And, we connect you to our circle of partner sites, social media, news and other features to get you selling as fast as humanly possible.

Additional Services. And there’s so much more that we do. But that’s for another website to talk about. Visit Longbow.net.

Why do we do all this? We know we can’t engrave every personalized product in the free world (and beyond). It takes local retailers in every city and town to satisfy the demand. Start Engraving is a resource. We can provide all you need to be successful—one happy customer at a time. That’s how we grow our business.

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