EGX 400 Engraving Machine

The Roland EGX 400 and 600 are very powerful, production-grade, engraving machines. They are both workhorses that let you engrave a wide variety of materials, including metals like stainless and brass, acrylics and wood.

We rate it as heavy duty, for it’s best of class speed and power. We had a 400 in our shop and it was used for production signage, ADA and more. It is a very reliable, fast engraver. With over 10,000 more rpm than the EGX-350, it can deep engrave metals, on top of cutting plastics with ease.

This is the most powerful rotary engraver in the Roland line-up.  It quickly handles most jobs, including removing lots of material from a block of acrylic or wood. It’s speed makes it a go to production performer, ganging jobs to fill its large bed.

If you need volume and agree that “time is money”, then the 400 or 600 will prove themselves. What’s the difference? The 600 has a bigger work area, see brochure below for specifics.

I prefer this machine when working on flat materials as its speed outclasses other engravers. Acrylic signage, industrial tagging, trophy plates and more, it handles it. We even built jigs to hold rows of keys so we could quickly mark them.

These models also have amazing precision, allowing you to engrave both 2D and 3D.

These are also the best choice for ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) compliant signage, as designs often call for removing large amounts of acrylic to create symbols and letters. Roland sells an ADA kit that includes raster dots and devices to apply braille. Applications for this kind of signage include hospitals, hotels, airports and other public buildings. It’s a huge market.


As with many Roland products, there are several add-ons that you probably want to buy. If you’re financing your machine, you might as well throw them into a first purchase.

When working on plastics and woods, the vacuum accessory is a must have. This kit continually sucks up all those little bits of filings and shavings. They accumulate and can interfere with your design. And the speed at which this goes through plastics makes it a neccessity.

The vice attachment allows you to hold items to be engraved, just make sure you have the height clearance.

And when working on flat surfaces, for trophy plates, machine panels, signage and the like, adhesive pads are perfect for just enough tack to hold your material. The ease of use outweighs the fact that they don’t last forever, but there’s a variety of products and they do last well.

Like any engraver, you’ll want to experiment with different bits, which they call cutters. It takes a little time to figure out which works best and it’s not realistic to continually swap out finer cutters for a larger one, though the meticulous and obsessed out there may disagree. Right tool for the right job.

Visit for more info on the EGX-350 or download a brochure.