EGX 30A Engraving Machine

Roland’s EGX 30A is a decent engraver, perfect for flat items, including trophy plates, signage and industrial marking. It both engraves in plastics and scribes and burnishes brass and aluminum. Quiet enough for an office environment, it lets you inhouse many engraving jobs and is a proven worker.

roland-egx-30aThe EGX-30A is a solid performer, cost effective, and it’s built to last. If you work in quantity, and need speed and volume, then I suggest a more heavy duty engraving machine. While the EGX-30A is competent and easy to use, it is not the fastest.

It’s 12″ x 8″ work area, makes it perfect for acrylic signage and multiple items at once. Use it for name badges, room numbers, safety warnings, and any item that is flat. Using this machine for just one facility will pay for itself. Understanding what kind of materials can be engraved on any machine is critical when choosing which machine to purchase.

Get a quote for room numbers from a company that engraves and you’ll see quickly why you should inhouse this kind of work—or what a great business opportunity it creates. Easy and safe to use, quiet enough for your office—if you’re getting started in the engraving business, this engraver is a must have.

An added bonus, the EGX-30A comes with a vacuum assembly, standard. Connect via USB or Serial Port and you’re off and running.

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