A Background in Fine Arts

I’ve worked in the digital engraving world since 2004. In 1989 I earned my BFA, Bachelors of Fine Arts degree, from the University of Central Florida, in Printmaking and Studio Arts. Here I learned the craft of etching or intaglio—engraving on copper and zinc plates by hand. We used these plates to create prints—limited edition fine art.

Working through college, I also worked at Pearl Arts, a fine art supply company, as their paper department manager. I approach engraving from this background.

From the business perspective,  my twenty year career in advertising and marketing has built an amazing understanding of how to promote your company and all it does. Add my experience in retail and the world of promotional products, and connections in the industry and we get an understanding of what’s out there and what people buy.

The Equation

Art + Design + Advertising + Promo + Retail = Business Opportunity

With all this experience I can help you perfect the craft of engraving—and then market and promote what you do. We can turn your hobby and creative talents into a real business that can scale. As consultants in this space, we are eager to partner with you.